Thursday, March 13, 2014

First month review

I can't believe how long I've been here already. It seems like just yesterday that I was stepping off the plane, praying all my bags had made it, and slogging through terrible jet lag. It's been a significant adjustment and I certainly don't feel settled yet, but I'm getting there. 

Pros -
  • It's freaking gorgeous here! The sunrises and sunsets are amazing. Nearly everywhere you look is like a postcard. It's insane. 
  • The food is so good. The first day I was here and got to the point of starving we stopped at a gas station and I got a chicken sandwich for about 3 euro that was on par with one I got in Norfolk for 12 bucks. I don't think I've eaten anything bad yet. 
  • Travel is easy and cheap. I'm headed to Paris in a couple weeks and making plans for the summer. It's nice to say things like "Should we go to Rome that weekend?" and not "I hope I get to see Italy someday." 
  • Trying to understand Italian is hard. They speak so fast I don't know how anyone understands each other. I am trying to learn but it is exhausting just listening to a conversation. 
  • The time difference makes me sad. I want to call friends or family in the morning, but it's the middle of the night for them, when I do call they are at work, or I have to wait for the weekend and hope no one is busy. I was really homesick last week and may have (totally did) cry on the phone with my mom. As awesome as my new friends here are, I really miss everyone back home. 
  • There's no Target. Yes, there is a NEX but it's not the same. 
  • I have nowhere to live yet. I can't help but think that it Craigslist were as great here as it is in the states I would be living someplace by now. 
So enough complaining. Here are some pictures of Catania, the city where I'm hoping to live. 

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