Monday, March 24, 2014


Last weekend one of my new friends hit me up and asked if I wanted to drive up to Taormina. My answer… "OF COURSE! ADVENTURE!!" It took us a little over an hour to drive up there and pretty much the whole drive was beautiful vistas and adorable seaside towns. Then we started doing switchbacks up the mountain to get to the parking structure that would take us to the elevator that deposited us just outside the town. 

Take a tour with me by photo of this majestic ancient city.

I took this from the first town square we came across. 

Apparently it is 600 steps up to the next town, we did not venture up that far this time. 

Because of it's amazing positioning this town changed hands many times and you can see Roman, Greek, Byzantine and Norman influence in the architecture. 

This place has steps everywhere and the streets are tiny, I think we only saw two cars driving the whole time we were there. 

Got in this picture twice. Fun with iPhones!

The Greek Amphitheater. Just amazing. 

So the Greeks, known for building structures for perfect acoustics actually built this one imperfectly so it could have a view of the volcano. 

How crazy cool is this place?!?!

Amazing Sicilian meal, just had to take a picture. 

This was a great little trip and I really look forward to going back sometime and wearing my climbing shoes to conquer the steps. 

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