Sunday, September 30, 2012

Gonna Beat the Bridge!!

 Did my longest run today, 20 miles, I will get one more of those in before the marathon, I don't think I want a long taper because I don't feel super prepared after those two weeks off. For the first time I paused my run timer while I was stopped at lights etc. and if I can keep this up on race day I will be fine for getting to 20 miles with 14 minute miles. 

I made sure I wouldn't run out of water this time, took the hand held bottle and my camel back. I also downloaded some Jillian Michaels podcasts for more motivation, started listening to them after 12 miles, and it totally worked! I love music, but when you need a little push, just hearing her voice helped me get a little more pep in my step and prevented me from walking. 

I also tried an ice bath for the first time. It has already helped reduce the pain from running. I bought two bags from CVS then used up all the ice from my freezer. By bundling up it really wasn't that bad and I will definitely do it again. 

It wasn't especially pretty, but it is done!

Very first ice bath!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Yoga day

Started this morning with a three mile run and then some stretching. Sooo sore from two days of crossfit in a row. 
And I had the day off!! So after the run I got started on some laundry and took a nap before heading over to Mount Vernon. Once I got there my suspicions that I hadn't ever been before were confirmed. But it was a great outing, the grounds are beautiful, and it had me feeling all sorts of patriotic. 
Tonight was the last free yoga at Yards Park, gonna have to find a new place to yoga, and actually pay. White people problems. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Got going at 0600 for a four mile run, it was rough, but got it done. 

Did the whole work thing, that was a bummer, man do I hate working in my office. 

Got on a roll with Crossfit! Day two! We did 4x400m repeats, not super fun, came in dead last, also a bummer. Then we worked on plancheing. It's this ridiculous thing sort of like a plank, but with your feet off the ground. 

Monday, September 24, 2012


Here I am. It's been a minute since I've written, and here's why... my dad died. So it got more than just my marathon training off track, for a few weeks. But this is the week. I'm gonna get it back. 

I went for a 7 mile run yesterday. It was supposed to be 20. Let's pretend it wasn't. 20 is happening next weekend. It's going to happen. 

Went to the chiropractor today, getting my hip back into fighting shape. 

AND! I went to crossfit tonight. Got up to 115# on my front squat. Then we did a 12 min AMRAP with 50 squat cleans and 100 double unders, I got up to 89 double unders! 

Tomorrow morning, 4 mile run.