Wednesday, April 23, 2014


More laziness. I uploaded these this weekend and didn't feel like sitting down to type until now, also I got home from work/working out super the past few nights and didn't have any energy beyond showering and throwing some food down my throat before passing out. 

A few weekends ago I headed up to Caltagirone with a few other peeps. If I recall correctly we had gone out dancing the night before so no one was moving very quickly in the morning. We finally headed out around 11 and get there just in time for lunch. Thanks to trip advisor we found a really well rated seafood place, and they had mussels (always a crowd pleaser)!!

It was not the prettiest of days with on and off rain showers so after our meal we took advantage of a short deprive to explore a little bit. The city is known for their exceptional pottery. I ended up picking up a small bowl for rings and such and a tile I plan to use as a trivet. I wanted to get more stuff but 1. I'm not moved into my permanent house yet and buying a bunch of breakables seemed like a horrible idea and 2. I was a dummy and had next to no euro so I was leeching and didn't want to overstep that tenuous friendship boundary. 

I will definitely have to return to get a nice plate or bowl. I very much like the pomegranate theme of the small bowl I got, I might have to get more to match. One of the coolest things was the artistry. Each of the shops had different patterns and themes and everything is hand-painted. As someone with no artistic skill, I was very impressed. 

Another trip is definitely in my future. 

The tile work is everywhere!

No idea how many steps there were to the top, but each set was decorated with tile, and there were a lot of them. This is the rest of the group headed up. 

I clearly stopped a few times to take pictures. Remember, all hand-painted!

Winning poses at the top. 

Me hurrying up to join them. 

Tile mural at the top of the stairs. 

Church at the top of the stairs. 

I think this was on that church, I can't remember. 

View from the top. After we got to the summit, we walked back down stopping at probably EVERY shop on our way. But everyone found something they liked. 

I loved this imaginative stonework. I think this is on the town's museum. 


Another church probably. 

Probably the best thing about cities on hills, the view. Worst thing? Climbing. 

Another church I suppose. I really liked the look of the old bell tower. 

Next time I'm going to seriously get my shop on. 

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