Sunday, June 8, 2014


So I've been hella busy with work and school but here are pictures from Palermo. It's the other big city on the island. Still super busy so really short descriptions. 

First thing we saw (and main reason for the visit) was the Catacombs, there were hundreds of old dead people, including one amazingly well preserved child. Totally creepy but also pretty amazing. 

I'm not about to put up pictures of skeletons (and we weren't allowed to take pictures) but I did get this one of one of the panels on the floor. I just thought it was cool.

Part of the "Old Gate" by the castle. 

The castle is now the seat of the government in Sicily and I think part of the military as well. 

Golden roof on the Castle. 

Old crest on the Castle. 

Cool sculptures in one of the gardens that were damaged in WWII I believe. 

Mosaic above the chapel entrance in the Castle. 

Norman Castle, palm tree and mountains. Sicily is very special. 

Float from some parade. 

Palermo Cathedral. 


Inside, this is one of the wings, they may have been holding mass when we walked in. 

Artwork inside the church. 

Just outside the entrance. 

Where we are lunch, the Beati Paoli were kind of like Robin Hood in medieval Sicily. 

Crazy old tree that sort of reminds me of the ancient fig tree in Balboa Park. 

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