Sunday, June 15, 2014

Rome in one night

For Memorial Day I planned a trip to Florence, but flying into Florence from Catania is hella expensive, so I opted to fly into Rome and take the train up from there instead. I landed in the evening and after a only okay dinner (terrible recommendation from the front desk guy at the hotel) I decided to go out adventuring. Armed with only a hotel map which showed all the sights as cartoons and a phone with less than 20% battery I set out. 

I think this was at the Capitol Building. 

First real stop was the Trevi Fountain. I've seen so many pictures and none do it justice, so amazingly large and beautifully sculpted. 

This was a museum I saw on my way to the Spanish Steps. 

Spanish Steps, not gonna lie, I wasn't impressed. Maybe it was because it was nighttime and I couldn't really see the tiles, maybe it was because they were covered with drunk teens. Who's to say. 

Pantheon, again you really have no idea of the tremendous scale of these sites until you see them up close. I think the tiny people in the photo help. 

Best coffee I've ever had, right around the corner from the Pantheon. 

By far the most beautiful place I saw was the Vittoriano Museum. I cannot wait to return and actually go inside. The outside was so beautiful I can only imagine how great the inside is. 

Colosseum, just as great as I thought it would be. Again, probably better looking during the day time, but I was not disappointed. 

Another angle from my walk home. 

I really cannot wait to return and see Rome for real. There are so many remnants from the glorious city it once was and now it is a bustling eccentric place that I want to know better. 

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