Sunday, October 21, 2012

Army Ten Miler

So, after a few weeks of laziness and then a week of a cold kicking my ass I decided I was up for the Army Ten Miler, I did finish, but it wasn't pretty. 

The race was amazing! So many people cheering and I think the most inspiring part was seeing the wounded warriors out there running. I held back tears more than once seeing people wearing tribute t-shirts for their fallen friends and family. It's days like today that make me so proud to be a member of the US military. 

Finisher's Coin

I ran last year in Iraq, it was nice to run this race on American soil with 30,000 other patriotic runners. I realized today just what great shape I was in last year, but we worked out twice a day because there wasn't much else to do, the food was terrible, and no booze allowed. I want to get in shape like that again, or even better. 

Sweaty and happy after finishing last year at Al Asad Airbase. 

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