Saturday, November 10, 2012

Glow in the Dark 5K

My friend asked me a few weeks ago asked if I wanted to do a 5K with her and her husband (went to their wedding last weekend!) and of course I said yes. This was before the marathon and before the weather started to change. 

The website said the race started at 7pm. Well that was a lie. We got there and all the signs said 7:30. We had been hanging out in the DC Armory (where it was warm) but they started kicking people out around 6:15. So best case scenario we were waiting over an hour. There were over 8,000 people there, which was pretty cool, but no one started running until about 7:50, we weren't at the front so we started running at 8:10. While running with glow in the dark stuff on was neat... they didn't really stay on for everyone, and then there were ass-hats who were stopping to pick up the bracelets/necklaces that were falling off, which was super annoying when you were running. There were crazy stops along the way as well with face paint and other stuff, I don't know, we didn't stop. I think we were few of the people taking it seriously and actually running. The course was all around the RFK Stadium parking lot, kind of lame, but there weren't really any hills and we were so excited to start I didn't care, I just wanted to start MOVING. I think the course was also a little short, we finished in 34 minutes. 

After the race everyone headed back up to the armory for a complimentary beer and dance party. I wasn't really feeling the party part of it, but we hung around for a little while. 

All in all, nice try LivingSocial. It was the first one, and I think the next one will be better. I'd try it again. 

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