Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Copenhagen was described to me as "a classier Amsterdam"... well okay then, count me in! I went in February over President's Day, and while chilly I have to say that I really loved the city!

First of all there some amazing spires, and statues!

I started off the first full day of the trip by going for a run. Of course it had snowed overnight, I firmly believe it was because I was being snotty to my family back in Michigan about all the snow they had gotten. I hate karma. In any case, I ran from my AirBnb to the Little Mermaid statue on the outskirts of the city. I managed to make it and take all my dorky photos just before a bus full of tourists arrived. Early morning tour running for the win. 

Also seen on the run, the Gefion Fountain. 

Then I spend my morning on a food tour around the city. These beauties were at one of the stops, they are chocolate covered marshmallow, called Flødebollers, and they were fantastic. We also tried smørrebrød, open faced sandwiches, several kinds of cheese, porridge, and Danish hot dogs. And we had mulled wine at Hans Christian Andersen's grave. 


At the top of the Rundetaarn, or Round Tower. It's an observatory built in the 17th century with a spiral you walk up instead of stairs. 
This is looking down the center of the spiral, I took the picture and then immediately got off the glass because that was terrifying. 

That evening I also went to the Glypotek Museum which was FANTASTIC! In this hall there was a choir practicing which gave the whole museum a magical quality. They had a wonderful collection of art and antiquities and it was very well appointed. They had a nice collection of Rodin sculptures, but I had to rush through because they were closing. It was definitely one of my favorite museums in Europe yet. And it's sponsored by the Carlsberg family, so there's that. 

The next morning I went to the Statens Museum for Kunst, State Museum of Art, and confirmed my deep misunderstanding of modern art. There were also many classical works that were lovely. I was on a time crunch though because I wanted to see the changing of the guard at Amalienborg Castle. 

This isn't it, turns out EVERYONE wants to see that so you have to either shove or watch it on someone's obnoxious selfie stick above the crowd. So I gave up on that and just went into the actual castle. It was a nice display where I learned about the Danish Royal family. Some of the rooms are set up as certain members had them when they ruled. Pretty neat, and it backed up the saying that Queen Victoria is the grandmother of Europe because she literally is the grandmother of most of the royals in Europe.

After that I went to look at Frederik's Kirke and I just happened to walk in at the time that they led one of the two tours a day up to the top of the dome. Obviously I had to do that. 
View over Amalienborg Castle, across the river to the Opera House. 

I saw this church (Vor Frelsers Kirke) on my way to Christiania, and you can't take photos there. It's an independent part of the city known for their illicit sales. I didn't care for it. I walked through for about five minutes and left but if you're into super hipster stuff it would be cool. Anywho, I wanted to climb to the top of this church too, but it was closed for repairs. 

This is the Borsen building, it's spire is four dragons tails all wound together, you may remember it from the movie "The Prince and I", which I may have watched during the trip. 

Christiansborg Slot is the seat of the Danish Parliament and is still used for state functions. It has many of the facets of old castles, but a bit updated. 

Thrones for the king and queen. 

Grand Hall hung with impressive tapestries from Paris (a gift to the queen for her birthday in 1990) and Murano glass chandeliers. 

Overall I thought Copenhagen was a lovely city with plenty to see and do. I do wish I had made it to the Design Museum, but it gives me a reason to go back. 

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