Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Lake Bled

For Memorial Day some friends and I went to Slovenia and stayed on Lake Bled. It was just as beautiful as all the Pinterest and travel blog posts said it would be. We ate dinner in the castle over looking the lake the first night, went white water rafting one day, and canyoning the next. I had never been canyoning but I can say with complete honesty it was very fun and a pretty good hangover cure, well jumping 10 feet into a Alpine cold pool of water is anyway. I genuinely don't remember what I did with those photos because they got emailed to us later, but I have one of each event.  Everything else is pretty much just pictures of the island in the middle of Lake Bled because it's pretty. 

And one selfie from when I ran around the lake one morning. 

Rafting before the raft tipped over and we were all plunged into the freezing cold water. AKA, when we could still smile. 

An example of canyoning. 

Stopped in Lubjana as well, there were dragons on one bridge. 

And another was a three way bridge, which in Michigan we call a "tridge". 

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