Monday, August 20, 2012

Emerging from the Pit of Despair

Last week was pretty much a wash, after getting some unexpected news last Sunday night I was pretty much a mess and wallowing in self-pity. That combined with DC Restaurant Week, and it was a perfect storm of laziness. 


Ran 14 miles yesterday, it took a little longer than I expected and it was proof positive that you shouldn't take the week off and then run a half marathon. I was in sooooo much pain. I can't believe I have to basically double it. 

This was in the first two miles. 

Around mile 5 at the Kennedy Center

The Scottish Rite just before mile 10. 

I also got to take the day off and babysit last week!

Went to the Nats game Friday.

Gettin' goofy.

And the Nats WON! Off a grand slam that I missed because I was buying drinks. But I got to see a two run homer off Bryce Harper. 

Then today I forgot I had Fitness Enhancement Program to run, my legs were basically dead so it was all pushups and situps. 

After that it was on to Crossfit where I got 23 doubleunders in a row! Excitement. 

On a roll for the week. 

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