Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Party all the time

Where to start? Last Wednesday, ran three miles before I loaded up, got on the train and headed up to BWI and flew to San Diego. 

I had an amazing time in SD, shared a condo with three of my favorite ladies, ran 6.5 miles with them, went to my college best friend's wedding, and hit the Gaslamp for a bachelorette party for another Navy friend. 
Running at Sunset Cliffs. 

Best Day Ever Face!

My legs were a little more sore from dancing than from running this weekend, and I don't know why my crazy ass thought I would be able to get a long run in after a transcontinental flight... 


But this week is going well so far. CrossFit on Monday, we got to a 2 rep max, I got up to 115#. Then did three sets of 2@90%. The MetCon was 3 RFT of 50 double unders, 10 push jerks with 75#, 30 second rest then max chest to bar pull ups, followed by a minute rest. I finished in about 13 minutes, with all the rest the time isn't all that important. I was mostly proud that I got 20 double unders in a row during one of the rounds. 

Tuesday morning Christine and I did a 6 mile run, I felt pretty good for it. Then CorssFit was more running. 5 rounds of 300m row and 200m sprint followed by 2 minutes of rest. I finished in 20:15. I had to do some math for my round splits and had to take a picture so I wouldn't forget the times. 

This morning we did 5 miles, it was a little rough, but got through it. 

I've been having trouble getting back on East Coast time, partially because of the Olympics. So no yoga tonight because I fell asleep after work... oops. 

Won't be able to run in the morning because I'm on duty and have to get into work early, there's no way I can get up any earlier, so I'll just run after work. 

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