Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Thanks Buddy!

Sometimes you need someone else to motivate you, I would certainly have trouble getting up early to run three mornings a week if Christine wasn't outside waiting for me. 

Hills this morning were pretty brutal, 5 times up Capitol Hill, which at .2 miles each is a mile of hills. It's kind of nice to know exactly what you need to be done and count down. 

Beautiful Sunset!

I had less than zero desire to go to the gym tonight, but I texted my buddy Christine and she gave me the motivation to get off the couch. I was really grateful for that extra push. 

CrossFit tonight was snatch progressions and 5 rounds of 200m row, 3 hang power snatches (55#) and 7 overhead squats (55#) followed by two minutes rest. I finished in 15:40, the point was to do it well, not fast. Overhead squats aren't my favorite, I really need to work on my flexibility. 

The Capitol from afar. 

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