Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekend Success!

I took my rest day on Friday so I could kick butt at 31 Heroes on Saturday with my Battle Buddy from Iraq, Molly. We did the fundraiser last year at Al Asad, but it was a little different, instead of running with sandbags (which ironically we didn't have) we did tire flips, instead of a rope climb we did pull ups, and we did different numbers of thrusters and box jumps. 
We "won" last year. 

We did 75# for the thrusters - 8 reps, I scaled the rope climb - 6 reps, and 11 box jumps - 24" Rx'd. The workout is 31 minutes long and you switch off with your partner who is running 400m with a sand bag, we used 25#. It was exhausting, but totally worth it. We completed 6 rounds with an additional 3 thrusters, not too shabby. 


Molly can actually climb the rope. 

That's me in the background scaling. 

We're pretty badass. 

This morning I ran 10 miles and it felt great! Shockingly actually. I ran nearly the whole time, only stopping to take a couple pictures, eat a few Gu Chomps, and refill my water bottle. It was a little painful, but overall really great. I finished in 2:03 averaging 12:30 miles, next week's long run in 14 miles, I think that is where I'll really regret missing those runs before. 

Here are the pictures I stopped to take. 
Aspiration and Literature by Rock Creek Park. 

Sacrifice on Memorial Bridge. 

John Paul Jones, Father of the US Navy. 

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