Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hump Day

Went for a three mile run this morning, which should have been easier than it was. Christine and I were both SUPER tight and had trouble getting moving. But we finished and I even did some striders afterwards to try and stretch my legs out. 

In an effort to stretch we decided to go to the free yoga in Yards Park again tonight. It was great and went really fast. There was all sorts of activity tonight, kinds in the fountain and pool, a couple shooting pregnancy photos by the water and the Capitol area Army band was doing a concert!

After we finished we walked over and heard the last few songs. We could hear them all through the yoga class as well. I was tickled that they played "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" that song makes me think of my dad because he and I talked about it after I saw this video.

They played a couple fun patriotic songs at the end like a service medley and "The Stars and Stripes Forever." They were really good and it was a fun little thing to end the night.


Now I'm fighting with HBO Go and will probably end up calling them. Grr.

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