Thursday, July 19, 2012

Man am I lazy

This may be why diaries have never worked for me before, oh well, I'm back now. 

So last Friday I took my off day with pleasure, went to the chiropractor, worked from home then had a great night with friends. First we went to Truckeroo, which is an awesome food truck event at the "Fairgrounds" by the ballpark, so only about 3 blocks away. 

My friend Sam enjoying some potstickers from Hot People. 

Next we went over to the Smithsonian Sculpture Garden for Jazz in the Park. It was very fun, we got to hang out and talk, listen to some music and drink some really overpriced sangria. 

Genuinely no idea what this is supposed to be. 

Again, no idea, but it looks pretty cool. 

After that we headed to Momoyama sushi for some dinner, it's pretty much the only sushi restaurant I've yet found within a reasonable distance, and it's cheap and delicious. 

National Gallery of Art on the way. 

Also a statue of a Union General Meade near the restaurant. 

So after some awesome sushi we headed to Iron Horse in Chinatown. They have skeeball, which to me says awesome bar, but I didn't get to play because some people were hogging nearly all night. It was really fun because one of my old shipmates moved into town and made the trek from Georgetown to hang out. It was really great to see him, we haven't hung out since before I went to Iraq and he went to Afghanistan. 

DC Court of Appeals on the way to the bar.

Saturday was supposed to be a trip to the beach with my family but it was storming all morning so that went out the window. We ended up dong some shopping at the ReStore, it's a store that sells really cheap home improvement stuff and furniture which has been donated to Habitat for Humanity that they can't use for one reason or another. My cousins bought a huge coffee table for their basement which is the perfect height for kicking up your feet and for little Mackie to draw on. The night ended with Love Actually from Netflix, my cousin's wife had never seen it and I could not let that continue, such a great movie!

Sunday was fun filled and action packed. It started with mini golf at the National Building Museum. 
Sam again. 

This hole was really creative, but I didn't do so well at it. 

My friend Jacob at the hole which is a model of the park going in by my house. 

Each hole was designed and built by a DC firm and had a DC theme. 

This may have been the most creative one, it's a model of the Potomac River's topography, or whatever the underwater equivalent is.

Jacob giving it a shot. 

Our whole little group. 

While this outing was really fun, it took FOREVER! We got there at noon (it opened at 1100) and had to wait in line for tickets, then in line for the actual mini golf. Sunday probably wasn't a good choice, but they are only open until 1700 on weekdays and I don't think my boss would let me take off early to go play putt-putt. 

My friend Diane ended up coming into town Sunday night and we grabbed some dinner on 8th street and caught up. She ended up staying until Wednesday morning, which is part of why I haven't written in forever. 

In any case, running didn't really happen this weekend so I tried to make up for it on Monday with 5 miles. Then we did hills on Tuesday, running up Capitol Hill four times. Wednesday was four miles. Today was supposed to be six, but I was whipped, Christine and I ended up walking three this morning and I walked three on my way home from Crossfit. I want to get the miles in, but I also don't want to overtrain or burn out. I think not skipping weekends will keep me on track. 

I felt exhausted this morning and then all day, I really think I need my rest day tomorrow. 

Did Crossfit Monday, it was a double Tabata workout with kettle bell swings and V-situps. I used a 25# kettle bell and got over 200 total reps in the 16 rounds (8 of each). I can't remember the number, whoops. 

Screen on the Green walking home from Crossfit on Monday.

I really love the way the Capitol looks all lit up. 

I really can't remember what building this is, or why I took a picture. Oh well. 

Went back to Crossfit tonight, it was a benchmark WOD, these are used to measure your progress through time, so I think we'll do it again in a month or so. Today was "Isabel" it is 30 Power Snatches for time. I used 65# and finished in 4:08. I'm pretty pleased with that, the coach said four minutes is a good time and means you were scaled appropriately. I'm pretty sure if I tried to do the Rx'd 95# I would have collapsed. 

After the WOD I felt revitalized and wanted to run home, but had brought a bag which would have been cumbersome and annoying, so I just walked, but I took a new route. 

Smithsonian Castle with amazingly few people around, in fact the whole mall was pretty barren. 

Statue outside of the National Museum of the American Indian. They apparently have amazing food which I will have to check out soon. 

Part of the Botanical Gardens and what I believe is the Longfellow building behind it. I hadn't noticed before today that there was even a fountain in this garden. 

Now I'm home, just finished a protein shake and watching a lightening storm roll in. 

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