Sunday, July 1, 2012

One very long weekend

Got up to run three miles on Saturday morning around 7, trying to beat the heat, didn't really work. It was cooler after the wicked storm on Friday night, but still on its way to being ridiculously hot. There were all sorts of branches and debris all over from the 80 MPH winds the night before, and I'm pretty sure it affected the GPS tracking because I'm very sure this isn't right: 

The rest of the day was pretty fun, I did a Segway tour of DC with a friend who was in town. It was very informative and entertaining, I bought the tickets from Capital Segway and while a little pricey I think it was worth it. I was absolutely terrified to get on, and the tour guide sensed it and picked me to get on first and I pretty much looked like an idiot. Once on I was alright, but getting on and off scared the bejesus out of me. 

We saw the White House and Executive Staff buildings, the mall, the Navy Memorial, the Capitol, and everything in between. 

I'm sure I will never get sick of seeing the sights around here. Next, I need to start going in all the museums. 

The rest of Saturday was really fun, I got a pedicure and hung out on the rooftop pool with Christine. Want to talk about motivation to go for a run, try getting in a bathing suit in front of strangers. There's a reason I never do that. 

Finished the night off with dinner in Chinatown with another friend at Royal Thai, and it was fantastic, then we had a drink at Fado. We had a great time catching up on what we've been doing for the past five years and I'm really looking forward to hanging out more now that we're in the same city. 

I got in pretty late last night and decided that an early morning 8 mile run was not in the cards, so I slept in until I had to get up and get ready to meet my friends to see Magic Mike. I liked it, wasn't as amazing as I was hoping, though watching Channing Tatum strip was well worth it. Got a little long in the middle. All in all enjoyable though. 

I spent most of the rest of the day chilling out, I made a move to go grocery shopping but Whole Foods was crazy and half way on my detour to the commissary I decided to abandon it all together. 

Finally, I went for my run a little after 7. I made the mistake of eating about an hour beforehand I I felt AWFUL for a good part of the run and had to walk for a bit of it. Lesson learned. But 8 miles done and I even had my buddy Christine there for 3 of them. Now it's beautiful outside! Too bad I've got that whole work thing that keeps me from being able to do whatever I want, whenever I want. 

This is outside the Department of Transportation, they have all sorts of boats and ships in the fountain. Obviously, I'm a fan. 

And someone stole the name for my autobiography. 

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