Monday, July 9, 2012

A little sore

Ten mile run down! It was brutal for sure, I sweat through EVERYTHING I was wearing and I emptied my water bottle twice. I also forgot to bring the Clif Shot Bloks I bought... to try out on the run. I could have used the extra fuel, the last few miles were really hard. I was lucky that my friend Christine joined me for the last three miles, she helped me finish strong and I really didn't want to run the Anacostia Riverwalk by myself at night. The first seven miles was down the mall all the way to the Lincoln Memorial. 

 I'm certain I will never get sick of these views. 

Today was a rest day, well from running anyway. I could not get moving this morning. Work seemed to drag on forever. 

After work (and a short nap) I headed over to CrossFit.

1.) Back Squats 5@ 75%, 3@85%, 1+ @ 95%
2.) 3 sets of the following: 
a.) 8-10 reps Single Leg Box Step-ups with DBs Rest 60 Seconds
b.) 4-6 reps Chin-ups Rest 60 Seconds
3.) 3 sets of 3 minute AMRAP: 
3 Burpees
6 Air Squats
9 KB/DB Swings (54/35lbs)
Rest 1 minute in between sets.  Begin each set at where you left on previous set.
I was able to finish 10 rounds +6 kettle bell swings in the three rounds with a 25# kettle bell. Unfortunately back squats didn't go quite as well as they could have, on my 95% attempt I had to bail and drop 5 pounds down to 150#. 
After that there was a leisurely walk home. 

Gorgeous sunset on the way home, and a red sky means nice weather tomorrow!

There seems to be a concert on the Capitol lawn every night. 

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