Sunday, November 20, 2016


I adore visiting new places with good friends, almost as much as I love traveling alone. So when a couple friends wanted to go to Lithuania for a long weekend, I was all in. There wasn't a ton of touristy stuff to do in and around Vilnius, so we did all of it. 

Vilnius Cathedral. 

Three Crosses.

Gediminas Tower.

View from Gediminas Tower. 

Bridge to Uzupis.

Independent Republic in the city.

Saint Anne's Church.

Art inside Saint Anne's. We saw about 6 weddings going on in the various chapels in this church, very popular on Saturdays. 

Literatu Street Art.

We also got out of the city and saw the castle at Trakai. 

I am super creeped out by suits of armor, but especially when it has a face. 

Went for a run, saw the bronze angel in Uzupis. 

And also jogged around Bernardine Cemetery. 

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