Monday, November 21, 2016

Not Enough Time in Normandy

It's hard to be in Europe and not see the everlasting effects of WWII or see sights that are linked with its history. Normandy is an obvious example. I have wanted to visit for years and Veterans' Day weekend offered me the perfect opportunity. It was a humbling experience and I only wish I had more time to visit every museum and monument and pay honor to the men who laid down their lives to fight tyranny so long ago. 

Major Richard Winters Leadership Monument, on the 913 leading up to Utah Beach.

Many of the special routes throughout France are marked with these pylons, this is the first one for the route along the D-Day beaches.

Higgins Boat outside the Utah Beach Museum. 

Utah Beach

Pointe Du Hoc, it was difficult to capture but the land is still pockmarked with huge craters from the aerial and naval bombardments leading up to D-Day to soften the landing zone. There had been a battery of large guns on the site. 

These craters went on for acres. 

The site was finally taken by Army Rangers, this is a monument to their courage and sacrifice looking out over the cliff.

Omaha Beach

The American Cemetery. 

Wonderfully maintained and reverent.

View from the cemetery of the beach for which they fought and died.

Longues-sur-Mer Battery

Arromanches Artificial Port

I went to the 360 Theater at Arromanches, it is a short film shown at 10 and 40 after each hour, very evocative. 

The British and Canadian landing beaches had far less pomp and circumstance. 

Gold Beach

Juno Beach

Sword Beach

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