Sunday, November 20, 2016


I found Prague to be such a delightful surprise. So much to see and do and of course, eat. I started the trip with a walk up to the Prague Castle, then enjoyed first night with Prague Food Tour, we visited several different places, the stand out being Lokal Dlouhaa, the longest beer hall in Prague where I had the BEST beef tartare I've ever eaten. A perfect way to start the trip, at the end we also got a map from Use It, it had two different walking tours the "tourist" and "historical" that lead all over the city, I walked the entirety of one and most of the other. I would highly recommend following their tours if you want to make the most of your time. I saw so much of the city but still want to go back. These are just some of the pictures from the miles on miles on miles I walked that weekend. 

Cathedral in Prague Castle, St. Vitus.

Inside Prague Castle Cathedral. 

Fantastic stained glass in St. Vitus.

Flying Buttresses on the back of the cathedral.

Unique street art. 

View from Letna Park. 

Metronome where one of the largest statues of Stalin used to stand. 

Secret passage to Prague Castle. 

Petrin Hill, one of the best towers I've seen, different stairs for going up and down and an elevator!

View from the top. 

Library at Strahov Monastery, though it looks like the one from Beauty and the Beast. 

The other part of the library with an impressive globe collection. 

Lennon wall.

At the top of the Powder Tower, looking over the Old Town. 

View from the Old Town hall. 

Dancing House.

Running across one of many bridges. 

View from above.

Lovely weather for paddling. 

Amazing art deco inside the church at Vysehrad, Basilica of Saint Peter and Paul.

From the cemetery at Vysehrad Castle. 

Original sculpture from the Charles Bridge now stored underground in Vysehrad. 

Just part of the names that line EVERY wall in the Jewish Museum. I couldn't hold in tears, it was a beautiful and heartbreaking tribute. 

The Jewish Cemetery, over a thousand years of history. 

Walking along the water the last night, looking up at the castle. 

The opera house by night. 

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