Monday, November 21, 2016

St. Malo and Mont Saint Michel

Quite literally the only reason I wanted to visit Saint Malo was because of the book All The Light We Cannot See, which was the best book I read last year. It's a dual story about a French girl and a German boy leading up to and during WWII. The city was beautiful, unfortunately it was also PACKED with people because I'm not all that bright and didn't think about everyone in France having the day off because it was Armistice Day. The traffic getting there was brutal and I had to park super illegally and walk about a mile into the city because the streets were flooded with cars. But all that aside it was an adventure I'm glad I took. Similarly, I went to Mont Saint Michel because it's there and it's mesmerizing. What I didn't expect was that you can see it from miles away as you're driving on the highway, that was very cool. I didn't have time to explore it, but I did take about a million pictures. 

Looking out at Fort National from the ramparts of Saint Malo. 

It was a tad chilly, no complaints because I love wearing this scarf.

Fort National, Le Grand Be, and Le Petit Be. 

Le Grand Be. 

The town of Saint Malo inside the ancient city walls, so many homes and buildings nestled together. 

Stained glass in the cathedral. 

Sadly the cathedral was decimated during the war, but they rebuilt, evidenced by the patchwork of stones used in the reconstruction. 

Long walk out to the lighthouse.

Statue of Jacques Cartier. 

City gates as I was leaving. 

Looking back at the city from across the harbor of sailboats.

I got to Mont Saint Michel a bit after nightfall, but thankfully I had booked a hotel in the city so I had the code for the gate, I was able to drive the whole way out to snap this picture. I was so shocked that no one stopped me, and I'm also glad because it was super cool.

I had made reservations at the restaurant attached to my hotel, for which I was grateful because there is almost nothing in this town and they were booked up by the time I arrived. I started with a rose cider, which combines two of my favorite things and tasted fantastic. 

And when in France you get French Onion soup, I think it's a requirement. I also had the "pre sale" lamb, which eats in the salt flats around the castle so they say it is "pre-salted" not sure about that but it was really tasty lamb. 

Got up the next morning to go for a run down to the fortress, it was raining and windy and cold, but was also stunning. Probably my favorite travel run yet 

I think this says it all.

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