Monday, November 14, 2016

Marvelous Malta

A few friends and did a quick trip to Malta for a weekend, it's less than an hour by plane from Sicily, though a few guys decided to drive across the island and take the ferry. Give me the easy way out any day. 

The first morning we headed out on a five hour long excursion around the beaches of Malta and Gozo. It was really fun, we were able to rent snorkel gear so we could see the fish in some of the grottos. It might have a been a little to much sun for me but I'm glad we did it regardless. 

Blue Window

The Blue Grotto, very busy, best way to get there is probably on a boat, the shores were packed with people. 

We were staying in St. Julian's, and that night we went out for Thai food (when not in Italy you take advantage of the diverse offerings) at Blue Elephant, which was fantastic. Afterwards we tried to go out for a while, but didn't stay out long because we're old and being in Malta made us feel like we were even older. The drinking age is 16 or 18, and the club where we were dancing was full of jerk kids who don't know how to drink in public yet and were smoking inside. It was like being in Neverland with a bunch of the Lost Boys, I kept looking for other adults. All that to say, don't go to St. Julian's for the night life unless you're under the age of 21. 

Day two started off with massages and facials, because having a hotel with a spa is enough of a reason for me to indulge. Next we went to Valletta, unfortunately the church was closed because it was Sunday, I would have loved to see the Carvaggio masterpieces inside, but it's maybe best to leave each place with something left to see. We spent a few hours walking around the town, enjoying the architecture and vistas of the water. 

Overlooking the port of Valletta. 

We watched the cannon battery which goes off every day at the saluting battery at noon and 1600. 

Friends from the trip who wanted in on the selfie situation. 

The Maltese Cross graces their flag and can be seen all around the country and is associated with the Knights of Malta. They were also awarded the George Cross from England for the bravery of the civilians of the country during WWII. 

This was a nice weekend away and I would absolutely return to see more of Valletta and the island. 

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