Sunday, November 20, 2016

Oktoberfest, third time's a charm!

I keep getting better and better at this Oktoberfest thing every year. This year I took on the planning role. Booked a table of the Hofbrauhaus tent back in April, and even added a second one in July. So that was me getting 20 people all to Munich. It was pretty successful. 

The first part of the successful weekend was our amazing dinner at Broeding the first night. It was a prix fixe menu with wine pairings and it was by far one of the best meals I've had in Europe. The standout was the duck, it was cooked to perfection and perfectly seasoned. The staff was phenomenal and so knowledgable about the food and wine. If you are in Munich I would say fork out the money and eat there. 

Before the silliness of beer tents started I decided to go for a little run. 

Ran along the Isar River. Stopped to admire the angel of peace.

Pride and joy. I did it!!

What my dreams are made of. The cheese dip. 

I think I was born to wear a dirndl.

Looking out over the mayhem and merriment.

The next morning we decided to be a bit touristy and went over to the Munich Residenz. Beautiful and historic, also HUGE, if you listen to the entire audio guide I think it would take you three hours.

They added mirrors to reflect the opulence of this room and it's many priceless articles.

Second night we hit up the Paulaner tent. So much fun, great music and fun people. 

Clearly everyone had a great time. 

Official poster of the fest. 

Maybe the coolest part of the night was seeing Usain Bolt walking by, confirming that he was in fact the Olympic track star, then chasing him down for a selfie. Yes, that's right, we caught the fastest man alive! And he was super nice, and really tall. 

Last day we went out to Nymphenburg Palace, not too much going on inside but the grounds were beautiful, but a little wet on the day we were there.

Much better when it's not raining. But lovely regardless.

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