Monday, May 2, 2016

Amazing Amsterdam!

Amsterdam is an astounding city full of culture and history and amazing food. I did a food tour (where I learned about the Dutch spice trade and how it influenced the colonies and food of Holland), a Red Light District tour (where I learned that I'm really judge-y), an Anne Frank house tour (where I learned that you don't have to wait in line to see great stuff, and that I really didn't have to read the whole book), and a bike tour (where I got to see outside the city). Would recommend all of them.  

Inside the Old Church, also the heart of the Red Light District, crazy enough. 

Typical sight, but that doesn't make it any less cool. 

Some old houses require you to cover your feet before you walk around in them. 

Some houses also have organs in them. 

Our Lady in the Attic. A church in a house, from when Catholics had to practice in secret. 

View out one window of the attic church looks towards the past (oldest church in Amsterdam). 

Another window of the attic looks towards the future (newest church in Amsterdam).

Thistles on the chairs are one way to keep people from sitting on them. 

When in Amsterdam, you go see the I amsterdam sign. Running there is a great way to prep for a food tour with Hungry Birds. 

Meatballs. Out of a vending machine. Genius. 

Herring. You have to try it once at least. 

The best waffles around. 


Stroll through the flower market. 

So much cheese!

Dutch booze. 

And this is how you drink it. 

Indonesian food. So good. We also had locally made yogurt and Surinamese. 

I love food tours!!
Perhaps the best part of the city is just walking around and taking it all in. 

Another Mike's Bike Tours! Out to the Dutch countryside. 

More cheese!

And clogs!

The canals can also be used to flood fields, which was a protection from invading armies. 

A real windmill. 

Took a couple hours to walk around the Rijksmuseum. I could have stayed for days. 

Inlay envy. 

Fun fact: Tulips actually come from Turkey, Holland totally stole them. 

An impressive research area beautifully designed. 

Garden on the side of the muesum. 

View from my Airbnb. I'm really good at picking these. 

Adorable space. 

But the stairs were intimidating. 

I loved the houses. 

I will be back. 

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