Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Thanksgiving in Oslo

I am loving the Northern countries. Oslo was cold, but delightful. I bought the Oslo card, which gets free entry into pretty much every museum and rides on all public transportation which was wonderful. Using the card I visited: the Viking Ship museum, the Norwegian museum of Cultural History, the Astrup Fearnley museum of Modern Art, the Holmenkollen Ski Museum and jump tower, the Akershus Castle and Fortress, and the Nobel Peace Center. I have to say the Peace Center was one of the most amazing museums I've ever visited, incredibly moving and educational. I also walked through Oslo City Hall where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded every year. 

There were two restaurants I ate at and would definitely go to again. Le Benjamin Bar and Bistro was my de facto Thanksgiving dinner, it was squab instead of turkey, but close enough. And Elias Mat & Sant, two words - reindeer stew. 

Arrival late in the evening means some beautiful night sights. 

Opera House

Royal Palace

Royal Palace selfie in the morning. 

On Opera House you can walk on. 

Viking ship from 400BC. 

Intricate woodwork. 

Oldest church in Norway, now part of an open air museum. 

Gorgeous sunset... at 4 pm. 

Homes along the fjord. 

A little chilly for kayaking in my opinion. 

Cannons in the fortress. 

Clock on City Hall.

Morning run in Frogner Park. It actually wasn't that early, just you know, Arctic circle problems. 

Views on the water. 

Hotel on the way up to the ski museum.

At the top of the Holmkollen Ski Jump. 

And this is why I don't ski. 

Selfie at the top of the world!

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