Sunday, May 1, 2016

Long Weekend in Vienna

So I had actually been to Vienna before, but I was 16 and with a high school group. It's so much better when you can go back as an adult. With money. 
The first day there was a lot of wandering, seeing all the beautiful old buildings. 

We also went to see the boys choir perform, but I thought it would be weird if I took pictures of that. If you ever have a chance to hear them perform I highly recommend it. It's amazing how beautiful their little voices are and that they have memorized so many songs! I think at our school recitals we only had to remember three at most. We were also terrible. 

This double headed eagle is a common sight around the city. 

Like on the roof of the cathedral for example. 

Atop Saint Stephan's Cathedral. You can actually go up both towers, one climbing the stairs and the other taking an elevator. This is from the elevator side. It was more expensive but the view was better. And, you know, no stairs. 

View all the way to the Rathaus. 

We were still in training for the tough mudder so there were five mile runs each morning. I really recommend it as a way of seeing the city. Of course they weren't both supposed to be five miles, but getting lost has its benefits as well.

When I was little I LOVED horses. Riding them, hanging out with them on my grandparents farm, reading about them and watching movies about them. One of my favorites was "The Miracle of the White Stallions." It's about how the American army helped save the Lippizanner horses from extinction during WWII. 

I saw them once when they came to the states when I was in elementary school but always wanted to see them in Vienna. Thankfully my friend did as well and we got seats to a show and it was brilliant. I did not take any pictures because they said we couldn't and I'm a rule follower, unlike the incredibly rude woman standing behind me who basically used my shoulder as a tripod for taking video of the performance. Even though she was told not to multiple times. Had it not have caused more of a distraction than she already was I would have grabbed her camera and smashed it on the floor. I think I should make that a business at museums and concerts. 

A memorial for the Red Army that liberated Vienna. 

Belvedere Palace, we ran here one day. 


A Lipizzaner Stallion, off duty of course. 

Outside the Secession museum.

The Secession Museum, if you are a Klimt fan, a must visit. 

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