Sunday, May 1, 2016

Falling in Love with Scotland

We went to Scotland for one reason. Taylor Swift. But since there was a boy traveling with us we added something else... a Tough Mudder. Crazy weekend to say the least. The race took place on the lands of a castle, we didn't actually visit it, but we saw the hills and forests and sheep pastures all around it. 

Don't have any pictures from during the race but this is the shoe aftermath. 

I made these shirts, I think I may have a knack for it. 

This was one of the views on the way back. The Scottish highlands were gorgeous!

The next day we went to Stirling Castle, not too far outside of Glasgow. 

Crests representing different clans and families in the Great Hall. 

The Great Hall ceiling, very impressive woodwork. 

There were unicorns all over the place. 

Like all over. 

View from the castle wall. 

Great stonework as well. 

In the distance is the memorial for William Wallace, I wish we had time to actually visit and see his sword. 

Another day another castle, this time in Edinburgh. 

Every day at 1300 this cannon is fired once. They could do it at noon, but being frugal they just do it an hour later and save 11 rounds. 

After the castle we climbed Arthur's Seat. If you are ever in Edinburgh, do not miss it. 

Gorgeous views everywhere. 

Obligatory selfie at the top.

The last day we stuck around Glasgow. 

Inside the Glasgow Cathedral. 

Around the Necropolis behind the cathedral. 

We took a tour of the City Hall, just a gorgeous all around. 

I took a long walk up to Glasgow University to see the Cloisters and admire it's "Harry Potter-ness". 

And the real reason we went to Scotland... T-SWIFT! Such an amazing concert. 

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