Monday, May 2, 2016

Labor Day in Barcelona

My first (partially) solo trip. My best friend Emily came down from Switzerland to join me for a day. We did a food tour one night then the Sagrada Familia the next day. The church has been in progress for over 100 years and will take over 100 more to finish. I couldn't get over the amount of faith it must have taken to start the church. 
I LOVED this city. The public transportation was great, there was a ton to see, the food was fantastic. 

View from the apartment I rented. I'm pretty good at picking Airbnbs. 

The cathedral in the Gothic Quarter. 

Gothic architecture. 

Smoked tapas on the food tour. 

Gazpacho, sort of. 

La Sagrada Familia. 

Word to the wise, buy tickets ahead of time and get there EARLY! Before most of the tour buses show up. 

Best friends at the top of the church. 

Views all around and details of the architecture. 

Casa Batllo. Thank you Antoni Gaudi. 

At the top of the Parc de Montjuic. 

Taking the cable car up to the Montjuic Castle, GREAT views. 

Ran up to Guell Parc. 

Ran back around the church, because of course. 

Church by my Airbnb. 

Agbar Tower. 

Arc de Triomf. 

Along the water. 

Running around the Parc de la Ciutadella. 

Christopher Colombus. 

Paella. So SO good. 

Sunset over Barcelona. 

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