Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Berlin for New Years

I've gotten away from big group trips, but New Year's Eve is an exception after spending it alone drinking Gatorade with the flu last year. To Berlin!

This is such a cool and funky city!

We paid extra to ring in the New Year on a rooftop. 

And to see fireworks 360 degrees around!

Hello 2016!

The first day of the year? Basically food and napping. Got back from the party at 5am. Spent about an hour trying to get ahold of our cab driver because one of my friends forgot her phone... so let's go ahead and say going to sleep at 6am. We had brunch at Cafe BilderBuch, it was fantastic! Then a nap. Finished the day with a food tour with Bite Berlin. It was so wonderful. We had currywurst, Turkish, Viatnamese, and of course some German beer. The local beer gets flavored with an herbal syrup that turns it green. Not too shabby. 

Was feeling much more mobile the next day and started the morning with the COLDEST run of my life. Somehow the temp dropped what felt like 30 degrees overnight. 

That ridiculous drop also made our 4 hour walking tour of the city kind of brutal. 

Brandenburg Tor.  

Memorial to the Murdered Jews. 

"The Wall was brought down, not by Washington or Moscow, but by courageous people from the east." - Gerhard Schröder

And here is to hoping there will never again be the need for a government to build a wall around its people. 

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