Sunday, May 1, 2016

Another Weekend in Rome

When flights to Rome are ridiculously cheap, you go often. When 2Cellos is having a concert in Rome, you DEFINITELY go. The concert was so much fun. If you get the chance, see them live. 

This is before the head banging, and before women threw their bras on stage. Bet these guys are glad their parents made them practice the cello as kids. 

When in Rome... I run around the city. 

Is there anything as beautiful as Piazza Venezia? 

We tried to find a rooftop bar, it's not really a thing in Rome. At least not one that is open after 9pm and serves drinks for less than 20 Euro. 

Once I knew we were going for the concert I bought tickets for the Borghese Gallery. You go in for two hour stints. It's wonderful because the crowd is controlled and you have enough time to see everything. 



Bernini again. 

I never get sick of the Pantheon. 

And another thing I haven't seen before, the mouth of truth. It didn't bite my hand off, so I guess I'm truthful. 

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