Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ah weekends...

We'll start with today, so completely out of order. I got up to catch the train at 0630, I'm never doing that again, I think when I was planning the trip my thought was I would be out of Andrea's hair for the day because I knew she had homework to do, but I really could have used brunch. As it was I had a bagel at the train station with hummus and eggs on it, which was delicious, but would have been more fun with my friend. 

I got home and wasn't feeling stellar, I think I was massively dehydrated from yesterday so I just bummed around and drank water until I thought it was cool enough to venture out from my 7 mile run, which actually worked out pretty well because I got this great picture below and ran into my friend Sebastian! I knew he had moved into town and it was so crazy running into him on the National Mall. We ended up running about 2 miles together, including sprinting up the steps at the Lincoln Memorial, that was killer! All in all the run was pretty good and I'm glad I didn't wimp out. 

I did not however run while I was in New York, I figured there would be enough walking to get me through 3 miles, and I was totally right, we walked the Williamsburg bridge which is about a mile long in itself! 

That was of course after we ate at Schmorgasburg, I had some spring rolls which were amazing and a white peach ginger ale. I could have eaten everything there! 

After that we walked to a bar and had about a dozen margaritas (hence the severe dehydration) they had all kinds, strawberry, mango, coconut, cucumber, jalapeño, we (Andrea's boyfriend) even made one up, he mixed strawberry and jalapeño and it was really good. 

Of course the real reason I went up to the city, SWO friends!

Here's a fun poster I saw on our way to get cupcakes at Sugar Sweet Sunshine (they were probably the best I've ever had) and it made me smile. 

Not excited to start another week at work, but it's not like I have much of a choice. 

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