Monday, June 18, 2012

A very very very long weekend

After a completely uneventful Friday night my whirlwind weekend began. I woke up "early" (0830) on Saturday to meet Christine for a run. We did three miles, yay! Then we grabbed some coffee. After that I finally tried the Spring Mill Bakery on 8th Street, I got a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich, it was great, the bread was really filling. That turned out to be a great thing because I didn't eat again until about 2000!
I met up with an old college buddy for the Yankees/Nats game, it went to 14 freaking innings! But I had a great time... and a beer. The coolest part was seeing Chris again, I haven't seen him since college and we were pretty good friends, I remember when he met his now wife and he was so excited, now they are going to be parents!

After that it was over to Crystal City for a long overdue housewarming for one of my battle buddies. But I couldn't stay too long because one of my besties from San Diego was in town and we were going out for her boyfriend's birthday. It was on a party bus and it was a CRAZY time, we somehow ended up with like 4 bachelorette parties. It was great to see Diane and dance like we were 22 again. 

Sunday was far more chill, I headed up to Baltimore, had a Father's Day brunch with my cousin and his family and helped a two year old make brownies, it turned out much better than I anticipated. After that we went to Sailabration at the Inner Harbor which is part of the celebration of the War of 1812. 


The Blue Angels were there!!!

Today was a very standard Monday, couldn't quite get in the groove at work until the afternoon, and by then all the work I had been putting off in the morning had piled up and really needed to get done, so the run I planned didn't happen. I did think we were going to run at Crossfit so I was totally okay with it, but they pulled a change up at the last minute because of bad weather in the morning. It was supposed to be a 5K, but they changed it to a team workout on the rower. While one person rowed 250m another held a high plank, another held a kettle bell in the rack position, and the last did a wall sit (it was supposed to be a rest but a d-bag in my class opened his big mouth about the workout before it started). We rowed as far as we could in 25 minutes, my team ended up with 5600 meters, not too bad, other classes were getting in the 6000's but they had a rest, and we came in second in our class. 

I think I'm going to call it an early night and try to get up and do a run in the am before work. We'll see how that goes. 

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