Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Morning Person?

Two days in a row?!?! Might I be a morning running person? I think the 3 miler tomorrow morning at 0600 will seal it. 

Tuesday was a 4 miler Fartlek, I ran down by the Navy Yard which was pretty cool, the way I wanted to go was closed off so I had to turn around and find a new way around. It was my fastest run yet so that was good. 

After work I went to the "Top of the Town" in Arlington for a WOD with my friend's Crossfit box, it was a Tabata workout with mountain climbers, hollow rocks, pushups, and squats. My "score" was 95, not the worst I'm sure. Then we had a shot of "slim-rita." Low carb margarita? Sure.

This morning was a 5 miler on the mall. The weather in the morning is AMAZING! Absolutely perfect for running. I'm not the biggest fan of getting up in the morning but I just keep reminding myself it will be worth it. 

Tonight I went down to Yards Park for some FREE YOGA! It was very good for the price and reminded me of how much I need to do yoga, far more than I have been that's for sure. 

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