Sunday, June 3, 2012

Catch up

Thursday - Took the night off to go see the Taming of the Shrew with a couple friends, I had a great plan to run at work, but the day turned out to be incredibly hectic and I was lucky to get out of there before 5pm. I walked to dinner, then over to the Folger Theater and finally home, doesn't really count, but it's better than nothing. The only thing that could have made the evening better would be understanding Shakespeare.

Friday - I started the day early with a trip to the optometrist. I'm on my last pair of contacts, he wouldn't write a prescription because I was a new patient and I had to get a full exam, including dilating my pupils, I didn't have sunglasses so I got to wear the sweet roll up ones they give away.
Looking really cool. 
I also went to the Pentagon to get a brief on the kind of physical testing they can do, I'm planning on doing lactate testing so I can get a better bead on my optimal heart rate for marathon training. After that is was back to working from home, when the storms rolled in.
I thought this was raining hard.
Then it was raining REALLY REALLY HARD!!!
Almost didn't make it Crossfit due to MASSIVE thunderstorms, but the rain let up enough to get to the metro. Unfortunately, it was raining when I got off, and the WOD involved running outside, not the funnest workout ever. In fact it was so unfun that it was just one other guy and me, running around the block by yourself kind of sucks, there's no one to pace off of and in the rain there's no one to help if you slip and fall and break your leg.
1000m run, 30 Handstand pushups (I used a 32 inch box to scale), 1000m row - 14:43 - I'm pretty sure that was the time, it was a couple days ago now so I'm going off memory. I was pretty stoked that I did the 1000m row in 4:20, I think that was a record for me.

Saturday - AMAZING WOD! We had a fundraising event at the gym for Muscular Dystrophy and as a farewell to my favorite coach. He's moving to Oregon to start his own gym and I'm bummed. Anywho, they made up a workout in his honor:
5 rounds for time
1 Squat Snatch
2 Overhead Squats
3 Power Snatches
4 Power Cleans
5 Jerks/Push Press
115/75 Pounds
I went in the first round using 45# and finished in 6:27, it was challenging, but I felt like I could have done better, my friend Christine agreed and so we decided to go again. This time I used 65# and finished in 4:26!!!! Twenty more pounds and took off 2 minutes, not bad, but then I was upset that I didn't use the prescribed weight. The overhead squat is my limiter on this one, I think I would have been darn close to the best time if I had used the full weight. Oh well, next time.

Last night my office went to a benefit for the Red Cross as some token people in uniform. It was a the National Portrait Gallery which is attached to the American Art Museum. Here's some modern art. It was a night of ridiculously rich women, who got drunk and danced. But they were all very nice and grateful for our service. After that we went out on H Street which was pretty darn fun. Stayed out way too late, but great times.

Sunday - I was supposed to go for a long run with my friend Nikki, but she broke her wrist on a bike ride Saturday, so the run was out. Instead the group we ant out with last night went for brunch! Then I headed up to Baltimore for a fundraiser for the Baltimore Police Department, it was all you could eat crab! I learned how to get the meat out of a crab and everything. Now I'm packing for my work trip to San Diego! And it's my birthday tomorrow. I'm usually way more excited, but 27 is a big one.

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