Monday, June 11, 2012

Case of the Mondays

Once again had trouble getting up this morning, probably had something to do with being up until midnight finishing lunches and snacks for the week from my Green Grocer box, and that had to do with the nap I took, and that had to do with being up until 4 on Saturday night after going out on U Street, I see where the problems arise and yet I do little to change them. It was a fantastic weekend and even a productive one. I bought patio furniture for the balcony so I can actually enjoy it out here, and it's where I'm sitting right now.

I also wasn't in a huge hurry because I knew my morning would be taken up with proctoring the PFA for a few people, that took from 0830-1100, and I didn't have to wear my uniform, so that was awesome. Instead I got to sit at Gravelly Point watching planes land and waiting for people to finish the mile and a half run.

Back at work we discovered that I was on duty for FEP, so it's a good thing I had brought my PT uniform "just in case" and worn real shoes instead of flip flops. Only three people showed up and I had them do a modified Crossfit workout that I did in Iraq, prescribed is 1,000 reps, but I knocked it down to 500 for the day of air squats, pushups and sit-ups, however many you want to do of each as long as it adds up to 500. It took me 19:26 I think, then we did some abs and called it a day.

While I was at my desk I was super busy after having pretty much all week off for travel and conferences, so the day FLEW by, I love being busy because 1. I actually feel like a contributing member of society and 2. it makes the day go by quickly. 

Tonight was Crossfit, which I missed last week, and apparently some people missed me as well which is good to know. We started with back squats, 3@70%, 3@80%, and 3x3@90%. Today my 90% was 140#, which isn't too bad considering. The met con was 200m of overhead lunges with 25# then 10 double unders for however many times you had to put the weight down. I finished in 17:52, not the best, not the worst, I was just mad the longest string of DUs I had was 8, I had them so well, and I've lost it again. 

Ah well, at least I worked out twice today. That's the plan tomorrow as well, I'm going to go swim in the morning, if I can get my lazy ass out of bed then crossfit at night, or go to happy hour with work people, still figuring that part out. I'd love to get back into two-a-days, especially if I want to keep doing Crossfit while I train for this marathon. 

Speaking of, I'm still waiting on the training plan I bought from them, but I'm considering switching to a heart rate based plan if I can find one, my google queries have been pretty fruitless so far. 

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